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Meditation for Stress with Re:Mind Studio

Posted on May 01 2018

Re:Mind Studio is a beautiful centre of tranquility in the heart of London, a city that is always on the go and always striving for more. Founded by Yulia and Carla and launched in Febuary 2018, the duo have created a space which offers all forms of meditation for stress and relaxation; with a focus on essential self-care and eco-wellness.

We chatted to Yulia to find out why they created Re:Mind and how we can all benefit from meditation for stress relief.


What is your personal journeys with meditation?

I learned to meditate more than 8 years ago. It’s been a lot of ups and down, regular and irregular practice and I still struggle finding time (especially with the studio becoming a full-time commitment), but ultimately I have learned that life is very different with meditation.

How did you both come together to create Re:Mind? What was the inspiration behind Re:Mind?

Last year we went on a trip around Myanmar together and that seemed to have triggered us to create Re:Mind Studio. We have travelled around the USA and visited similar spaces and anything that interested us, so we took a lot of inspiration from there.

What kind of space are you hoping to create at Re:Mind? How do you want people to feel whilst there and after a session?

Stress reducing first of all, and in all of aspects of the space - calm, green, comfortable and easy. We wanted people to be comfortable to hang out and talk to each other. There are so many new methods of stress reduction that the most powerful often gets overlooked - connection and community. Being around likeminded and supportive people, people who just have the space for you can be so powerful in my opinion.

Re:Mind also focuses on eco-wellness, why is this important to you?

It was so tiring and frustrating to see a load of “wellness” brands with no purpose and only waste. That especially applies to food brands. No one needs yet another bar packed with sugars and dried fruit or another fruit or nut drink in a plastic bottle. To me real food is cooked at home and produce mostly comes from a local farmers market.

What kind of classes can people expect to see at Re:Mind?

We have a full variety of different meditation styles and traditions. Our teachers all have their different journeys, so not only classes vary from category to category, but also each teacher has a very special way of guiding you through the class. We do everything from breathing exercises to sound meditations.

What advice would you give to others just beginning with meditation?

Just try it out, at least with an app. With the chronic stress that we are all experiencing living in the big city, every little thing will help! 


How can others begin to change their self-care routines to ones that are more natural and kind to the planet?

In my opinion self-care is very simple. It’s not about the green juices, date bars or cycling classes. It is about boundaries first of all. About taking time to take care of yourself and that can be anything. I find that real self-care is done by yourself - self massage for example. Abhyanga in Ayurveda is a powerful method of stress release. It is a very simple oil self massage during which you imagine spreading love all over your body. It is almost a meditation for me now. Real self-care does not require any gadgets. It is nice to honour any good habit with nice products, but that always comes second. 



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