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Starseeds - about us

STARSEEDS creates fashion aligned with your values. Our mission is to keep your wardrobe smart and stylish- by creating capsule collections for him and her, including some unisex pieces that you ca be playful with. Minimal living is at the core of STARSEEDS mindset.

We believe in the slow fashion movement: instead of following micro trends and flooding the market with too many styles for each season, we are eager to reduce the waste by creating smart designs that are beyond the fashion trends.

By selecting the softest sustainable, yet technical fabrics- we make it easy for you to go for versatile pieces- suitable for both leisure and workout. Always striving to be in a forefront of contemporary design and new technologies we travel the world to find new most sustainable solutions and track macro trends, rather than making something that lasts only a season.

At STARSEEDS we truly care about the whole process of garment making: from planting a seed, to cutting the final thread. We carefully select and track our supply chain- because we are aware that our choices become votes for more ethical and fair production. Everyone is equally important to us: from the client to those behind the machine or a person handpicking organic cotton. Therefore, we believe it is fair and important to keep our business transparent. Feel free to ask us anything you’ d like to know about the products and the process.

Finally, we created this brand for likeminded humans. We deliver the premium quality, durable products, that are previously tested by our trusted yogis friends around the world– before they meet the production line.

Our designer Natalia Zawada strongly believes in the quality and sophisticated design- therefore, she spends a lot of time creating flattering shapes, forms and lines for our timeless pieces and in the later process- some details such as: flat seams, soft bamboo clothing tags, modern and clean finishing.

All our fabrics are sustainable and eco-friendly. We provide a range of: GOTS certified organic cotton, wild bamboo and Blue Sign recycled coffee waste technical fabrics. with the OEKO-tex certification for the colouring. We believe every single choice we make (as conscious lifestyle activists) contribute to some positive impact on our environment- so why not to start making a vote for a greener fashion?

Being eco-friendly for us doesn’t stop at buying natural certified fabrics- therefore, everything we produce, including our packaging is smartly designed and kind to The Planet. Our clothing tags- consist of seeds that you can plant- a little reminder that being eco-warriors can be fun and easy!

We provide this website as an active platform for exchanging ideas on sustainable fashion and lifestyle, so please feel free to drop us an email- if you are a part of the sustainable tribe.


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