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Our story

  1. MISSION (what starseeds stands for)


Starseeds is a ‘Slow Fashion’ brand at the forefront of the ethical clothing movement. We are dedicated to making more conscious choices in all aspects of life, whilst inspiring others to do the same. It’s our mission to demonstrate how a balanced and organic approach to life shouldn’t stop at what we put in our bodies, as we strongly believe in the power of wasting less and recycling more in order to find eco-friendly solutions to fashion. Ethical and responsible production being our core values, Starseeds makes use of natural, carefully-selected fabrics to create beautiful pieces which will keep both him and her feeling great from the inside-out.


Everything that we stand for can be summed up in four words: ‘the lightness of being’. It’s our everyday mantra, which encourages us to learn, grow and enjoy each moment, whilst thinking of the legacy that we will leave for future generations. Why not come along for the journey?

  1. THE JOURNEY (The story behind starseeds)


‘’Inspired by a shared love of yoga, wellbeing and eco-friendly design, Starseeds is the brand that we always wished existed but could never find. Our solution was to stop simply daydreaming and wondering ‘what if?’ and instead to begin creating the collection that we always longed to wear ourselves, a journey which we aspire to share with like-minded souls.’’


We launched Starseeds in 2014 following an eye-opening trip around Asia. Despite thinking that we did not always have it particularly easy growing up in Eastern Europe, the awareness which we gained whilst travelling dramatically changed this outlook. After being exposed to various harsh realities faced by those living in less fortunate areas, we became increasingly appreciative of how lucky we are to have the freedom of choice, especially in regard to our work and education. More importantly, we witnessed how these choices have the power to affect others living elsewhere around the world. Our experiences abroad caused us to reevaluate our career paths and awoke a shared passion from which Starseeds was born. Leaving a former dream of working in the mainstream fashion industry behind, we set out to begin a new ethical project, which would allow us to use our freedom of choice in a way that would respect those who are not so fortunate, along with the planet as a whole.


  1. DESIGN ETHOS (materials, locations, inspirations, look&feel, versatility)


Starseeds crafts athleisure pieces you can be proud to wear, not only because it looks great and feels amazing, but because it shows love to the people and planet who made it, too.


To create the most feel-good yoga, fitness and leisure gear we select only ultra soft and sustainable jersey fabrics, including: organic cotton, bamboo, ramie or recycled blends to create our ‘urban-to-workout’ pieces. We care about the whole package - so even our clothing tags are woven from silky-touch bamboo tape, the handtags made from recycled, plantable paper and our gift bags manufactured from a unique blend of recycled paper and almond shells.



To ensure that our supply chain is purely ethical, we have found production studios based in Eastern Europe and Portugal, which we are able to regularly visit to oversee working conditions. We also pay frequent visits to fabric trade fairs in locations such as Paris, Munich and London in order to keep up to date with the latest eco-friendly solutions as we are always looking to source new innovative and sustainable materials.


Each piece originates as a sketch in our London studio before being made up and tested by professional yoga practitioners in pretty much every pose you can think of! Our collection features timeless designs with a unique and contemporary feel. Our capsule collections are inspired by nature and each represent its own unique colour journey.




When you look good, feeling good just comes naturally. We are devoted to making sure that the cut and fit of our pieces leave you looking and feeling fantastic. It is incredibly important to us how each piece feels on your skin, so our tags are always soft and our stitching lightweight. The skin is our biggest organ, so we have made the conscious decision to only ever use organic materials that have had no chemical treatment and will be gentle, kind and harmless on our skin.




The versatility of our brand is something that we take pride in. We create beautiful pieces for both him and for her and while we have designed our collection with yoga and lounging in mind, our on-trend pieces are made to compliment, and be styled alongside your other wardrobe favourites.

A lot of love, care and work have gone into each piece, but the look and feel is guaranteed to always be effortless - perfect for every day and to be worn at any age.



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