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Awakened Design

Designed to bring you the most luxurious and stylish yoga clothes, the Awakened Design is here to see you through power yoga, hatha astanga flows, functional training and barre classes, whilst feeling confident in your body. Our unique coffee fabric is light like silk, but powerful and strong so you can sweat in style.

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Effortless Style

STARSEEDS Effortless Style - Free Spirit Collection is all about supporting your free-spirited lifestyle. Whether you’re exploring new lands, moving through a vinyasa flow or shaking it off in ecstatic dance, our wild bamboo activewear flatters and fits effortlessly.

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Luxury Basics

STARSEEDS Lighter Living - Luxury Basics collection is made for living mindfully, everyday. Created with the softest organic cotton, and quality bamboo viscose these essential athleisure wear basics are designed for gentle workouts, Iyengar yoga, Pilates and meditation practices.

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Organic cotton sportswear and loungewear


There are so many reasons why cotton is one of the world’s most popular fabrics. It’s naturally breathable, great at absorbing moisture, durable yet soft, and biodegradable – but intensive farming methods can also do a lot of damage, which is why we choose to go organic. It takes a whole lot of dedication to farm organic cotton; before the first organic crop can be planted, the land needs to go through a cleansing period of three years to ensure it’s free from any non-natural substances, and must be completely protected from any non-organic crops growing nearby. The resulting cotton fibre can be more expensive than its non-organic relatives, but we think it’s a small price to pay for its minimal impact on the environment. Plus our sensitive skin loves it.

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Our Type of Coffee

Whether you're a coffee fanatic, the occasional espresso connoisseur or a matcha tea lover, you can't deny- coffee has become an integral part of our culture. But what happens to all the coffee waste?

We found a dedicated truly innovative fabric supplier who strive to create the most eco-friendly solutions for demanding clients like us. They presented us the way of incorporating coffee waste into its fabrics - it was the love from the first sight and resulted in long term collaboration.

Recycled and reused coffee grounds produce cotton-like feeling fabrics that have a temperature-controlling effect on the body, are odour controlling, sweat-wicking, UV protecting and fast drying - The perfect pieces to take you from sweaty gym session, to yin yoga, shopping trips, coffee dates and beyond.

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Pure Performance

Engineered for peak performance, the Pure Performance Collection enhances your movements with technical design and specialist sportswear. Recycled coffee blends take centre stage; it’s light, durable, moisture resistant and hugs the body like a second skin.

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