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Boys of Yoga with Adam Husler

Adam Husler is one of the original founders of Boys of Yoga, a movement and platform dedicated to encouraging men to try out yoga, and challenging the stereotypes of what...

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The Best Yoga Festivals in 2018

The summer months are not only bringing us some well needed relief from 2018's wintery weather, but the sunshine is also bringing us a wealth of yoga festivals across the...

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How To Reuse Coffee Grounds

  How You Can Reuse Coffee Grounds and Minimise Coffee Waste It’s UK Coffee Week, and whilst Starseeds meetings are never complete without a round of complicated coffee orders, as...

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Yoga Retreats in 2018

 Yoga Retreats in 2018 Our incredible Starseeds ambassadors are traveling across the world this year, to bring you yoga retreats in beautiful and serene locations. From the hills of Tuscany...

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