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The Modern Man

Just in time for summer, our new menswear collection features reused coffee grounds and a big shot of style. This unique fabric is silky and light, highly durable, sweat wicking...

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Yoga Retreats in 2019

STARSEEDS is about community. Our ambassadors live in far flung corners of the globe, scattered across the earth like stardust, and we truly believe our ambassadors light up every area...

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Our Experience of Moving to Bali

  Our founders, Natalia and Mateusz Zawada, recently made the exciting decision to split their time between Bali and London. With STARSEEDS' new sustainable factories located on the island, the...

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What Can We Do?

What can we do to save the planet? What can we do to stop global warming? What can we do to stop climate change? These are just some of the...

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2019's Best Women's Retreats

To celebrate International Women's Day and Mother's Day in the UK, we wanted to share some of the best women's retreats this side of 2019. From yoni steaming, sister circles...

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Our Lives as Travelling Yoga Teachers

Chiara Vitali and Davide Monti are the travelling yoga teachers behind ACROEMOTIONYOGA. They spend their lives journeying from country to country, city to city, teaching how to unlock the power...

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