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Veganuary: A Guide to Going Vegan

Veganuary is coming to an end. Perhaps you’re loving your new vegan life and want to keep going, perhaps you struggled and want to give it another shot – whatever your reasons for continuing your vegan journey beyond January, we’re here to support you. We believe in making conscious choices to support our bodies and the planet, so we've rounded up a list of resources, places to eat, and vegan food to help you stay inspired. Scroll down to get our tips on our Veganuary guide to going vegan...

 Veganuary A Guide to Going Vegan three bowls dishes of ratatouille on white wooden table

Vegan Recipe Blogs

We’ve pulled together a selection of our favourite go-to vegan or plant-based focused blogs. Most of these blogs are purely vegan, but double-check the recipes in case. Many of these blogs have easy meal ideas, and vary from healthy curries and exotic salads, to vegan versions of your favourite comfort foods.


Veganuary A Guide to Going Vegan strawberry ice cream in cones in a green mug

Vegan Cookbooks

There’s so many blogs out there, that some may argue you don’t need cookbooks. But there’s nothing like having a pleasing array of vegan cookbooks in the kitchen to pick from. We use these books all year long, and love the creativity and flavours they’ve brought to our meals. We think our selections are some of the best vegan cookbooks for beginners.


Veganuary A Guide to Going Vegan kentucky fried mushroom burger in bun sitting on a wooden table

Vegan Restaurants, London

This list of vegan restaurants in London could go on and on – not to mention that we could have included cities from all over the world, but maybe that’s another blog post! We’ve curated a list of healthier hangouts and then a few more indulgent eateries for your tasting pleasure.

     Veganuary A Guide to Going Vegan hot chocolate in ceramic mug with cinnamon sticks lying next to mug

    Vegan Food Products

    We’ve provided you with a host of incredible cookbooks so you can make healthy and fresh meals and treats from scratch, but if you’re also looking a vegan chocolate, ice cream or meat replacement, we’ve rounded up some of the best plant-based and healthier versions of those foods you just can’t live without.


     Veganuary A Guide to Going Vegan athelete Rich Roll standing on barren land in cycling shorts



    We’re major podcast fans at STARSEEDS. Podcasting is a wonderful way of increasing our knowledge, especially on the environment. Below are some of our most loved vegan or plant-based and health focused podcasts. These hosts deep dive into the health and planetary benefits of the vegan lifestyle and interview some incredible guests.


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