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2019's Best Women's Retreats

To celebrate International Women's Day and Mother's Day in the UK, we wanted to share some of the best women's retreats this side of 2019. From yoni steaming, sister circles and yoga retreats, there's something for every goddess.


You may remember that reiki and yoga teacher Vickie Williams wrote a guest post for us all about living in rhythm with our bodies and nature a few months back. If Vickie's words resonated with you, then now's your chance to experience her work in person at her Women's Circle, Lead From Your Womb. The evening class is being held in Sweden, at Infinite Yoga, and offers you the chance to reconnect with your inner womb wisdom. The evening is an opportunity to begin planting plans and roots as we move into spring, lead from our intuitive womb guidance.  The event includes mudra, movement, meditation and ritual - a short but perfectly sweet women's retreat.
If you haven't read Kate Magic's latest book; The Empowered Woman, and you're keen to understand more about your cycle, your hormones and how to live an empowered life in harmony with your feminine nature - this book is a must read. Now Kate has taken her book and turned it into an experience of workshops, which empowers women to step into their magic but teaching them how to create fulfilled and contented lives in harmony with our hormones and bodies. The workshops run for two days, with the next two being held in Barbados, May 4th and London, June 22nd-23rd.
We're huge fans of Amisha's work. Amisha is a beacon of light for sustainability and inner work. After years in the making, Amisha has released her Wild Grace Women's Retreat; a week long event which dives into the full experience of the feminine. If you've been feeling like you're not fully embodying all parts of your being, if you're holding yourself back in some kind of way, or you feel put into a box - this retreat could be what you need to flourish. Each day you'll get to explore a different aspect of the feminine and the element and deity associated with it, through yoga, meditation, mudra and story telling. The retreat is being held from May 16th - May 22nd, in Spain at La Finca Paradiso.
This isn't an event based retreat, but it's certainly a retreat in itself, and with our love for Bali, we just had to include the Bliss Sanctuary for Women. Bliss Sancturay is a luxury women's only hotel and spa, which only allows a small number of guests at any given time, creating a calming sense of tranquility and peace. The company offers unique packages that are entirely tailored to you (and your friends if travelling with others), and doesn't include any group outings or activities if you so wish. The sanctuary offers meditation classes, unlimited yoga, unlimited massages, spa treatments, unlimited nourishing food and unlimited sight seeing with a personal driver and guide. You can also book packages that are tailored exactly to you, or book one of their pre-designed packages, including the Eat pray Love package where you'll get to visit Ketut Liyer’s house and the Balinese spiritual healer’s trained son for a reading and Wayan the healer.
So, these workshops may only be for the brave. The Womb.Love Temple is for those who are wanting to develop a deeply loving and embracing relationship with their womb and inner feminine guidance. Womb.Love's teachings include yoni pampering, womb healing and female empowerment. Raya is currently running a series of 1:1 yoni steaming sessions or group yoni steaming ceremonies. The sessions feature a Rite of Womb blessing, nourishing tools and treatments, meditation and breath work, yoga and dance, and of course, yoni steaming with guidance. The next Yoni Steaming Ceremony takes place in April.


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