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The Positive Male Role Models Who Inspired Today's Yoga Teachers

Throughout June, we're celebrating men's health and positive male role models who inspire us to be better people spiritually, physically and emotionally. We asked our STARSEEDS ambassadors who their positive male role models are and who's helped shape the journey. From yoga to self-development, it's clear that these incredible yoga teachers have been motivated by some incredible life teachers...


Unconditional Love - Eugene Vegan Butcher

"One of the men to most inspire me, was one of the first men I ever met.  My memories of my grandad more than anything are of unconditional love.  A warm, patient modest man of quiet integrity.  Often finding amusement in the smallest things, he always had a funny story to tell and a song to sing.  Though I met many great and inspiring men later in life I couldn't begin with anyone else in terms of men who have inspired me."



Confidence - Matt Penman

"Inspiration comes in many forms for me. My earliest inspiration was my Grandfather who was a very strong presence in my life. He instilled a personal confidence that made me trust myself and the decisions I make completely.

I’m then inspired by other people’s stories, books I read (most recently ‘The Journey home’ by Radhanath Swami and ‘Health, Healing and Beyond...’ by T. K. V Desikachar). From reading of others experiences, it makes me question elements of my own life, good or bad, and informs how I approach decision making, relationships, change, spirituality, perspective."



Integrity - Marc Laws

"There's many men that have brought light, energy and inspiration into my life. From world travelers, yogis, professional athletes to a man that devotes himself to his passion and practices unconditional love. Most of the qualities that inspire me to be a better person come from my father.  His father was never around so he didn't have a positive male role model.  He learned from his travels and having a strong, beautiful mother.  My father is a rock of unlimited and unconditional love. He shines with integrity like I've never seen before.  He's a quiet yet strong man with discipline and devotion to his family that's unshakeable.  He is the archetype of a warrior for justice and peace.  To being a public servant and adopting five kids with my mom... I stand humbled and inspired by my father."


Meditation - Hugh Poulton

"Phra Anavilo, or as he would prefer 'George' was a cockney Buddhist monk and we made contact, quite literally, by bumping into each other in a back street of Bangkok in 1982. He was on his way to give a lecture on meditation, I was at a loose end. What sprung from that has been a lifetime of exploration and study and ultimately the creation of Sukhita Yoga."



Yoga - Cristian Blanch

"Omar Sultani was my first influence in the world of yoga. He is a successful family man and professional, who teaches yoga just for love and passion. In my mind, male yoga teachers were full time enlightened human beings that lived and meditated in India. I saw a man my age, successful and teaching for fun. He had a solid personal practice and also a beautiful style of connecting with people and teaching from the heart. I wanted that. I remember thinking for the first time, I want to be a teacher, just like him.

Omar would always start his class with a very relatable situation from his daily life, and would base and dedicate the practice to showing us how to live better through yoga.

Having dinner with him we would talk about life, about love, about yoga, and he would always say 'We can’t control what  happens in future, but what really matters is what we do now.' I keep these words with me always.

A year later I was about to take the leap of my life and he not only encouraged me to jump, but he also invited me to assist him on stage at my last yoga event in Dubai. I will never forget that experience.”




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