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Sustainable Christmas Gifts: The Starseeds' Christmas Edit



This December, we've carefully selected some of our favourite products and brands to help you shop a little more sustainably. From spiritual keep sakes, pampering luxuries to well being boosters, we have chosen some of the most beautiful, ethical and conscious brands around. These sustainable Christmas gifts will be good for your loved ones, good for the planet and good for those who make them.

Santa will be proud...


NINI Organics

Nini Organics are the brother sister duo bringing organic, ethically sourced and raw skin care to our bathroom counters. Having first-hand experience with acne and sensitive skin, and a passion for veganism and natural ingredients, the pair set up Nini Organics to create skin care that enhances and protects skin, rather than loading it with excess and unnecessary chemicals and pollutants.

We love their Blue Lagoon Bath Soak, which is perfect for those who have achy muscles from the studio or are experiencing skin issues like eczema, aggravated by the colder weather. There’s also their incredible GLOW Facial Illuminator; ‘Sunshine in a bottle’, created purely from the magnificence of plants and perfect for those who are ready to celebrate over New Year and want to add a bit of radiance to winter-worn skin.



Francesca Oddie's Natal Charts

Francesca first made these beautiful Natal Charts to give to clients as a keepsake after their consultations. Since then, their popularity has grown and she now adds a little piece of astrological wisdom, to give customers an even deeper insight into their Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. These Natal Charts describe a person beautifully, and each uniquely designed chart can include features that are particular to every individual and can be based around a special date, or even colour.

The range also includes a collaboration with This Place I Call Home Founder, Anna, to create Minimal collection that would suit even the most Scandi homes.



Julia Cameron Jewellery

Julia Cameron creates high vibe jewellery, inspired by her love for philosophy and her extensive travels through India, Paris, Ibiza and across the world. The designer comes from a family heritage rich with strong female creatives, including Virgina Woolf and the photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, taking influence from their past works.

Her Tree of Life pendant is a beautiful and significant gift for another. Representing ‘I AM’, the Tree of Life Pendant symbolises the importance of the statement ‘I AM’; words we can use to create high impact, positive affirmations about ourselves, words we can use to shape and attract our desired reality, and words that can carry us into the new year with intention.



 Rooted London

'Listen to Your Body, Feed your Soul'. Pandora Paloma encourages the body and mind to work together in harmony, through naturopathic nutrition, meditation and healing techniques, life coaching, yoga and self-love.  Pandora supports clients to listen to their intuition and follow what their bodies' are calling them to do, rather than following trends.

Her course, Intuitive Eating and Living Course, starts on Jan 9th and is all about breaking down those old habits and beliefs people have about food - from dieting to guilt. The six week course helps clients to get back in touch with what their body really wants and needs, creating a kinder relationship with food.




FeetUp is the innovatively designed yoga tool which enables everyone from beginners to yoga teachers to easily and safely practice inversions. Designed by yoga teacher and designer, Kilian, the FeetUp trainer offers relief to the neck and spine and allows you to sink into a more relaxed posture in your shoulders, leaving you to focus on your inversion. The yoga tool also comes with exercise packages and they have a YouTube channel so you can watch exactly how it's done!



Skin & Tonic

After Skin & Tonic founder Sarah was diagnosed with endometriosis, she discovered that the chemicals in everyday toiletries and beauty products were having a negative effect on her body and the disease. Giving that the market was so desperately in need of simple, safe and conscious skin care products, Sarah set off on a mission to create her own, and Skin & Tonic was born.

Skin & Tonic's hand-made products are not only certified organic, and are made both sustainably and ethically, their mantra is the awesome 'People, Planet and THEN Profit.' Their skincare is also made with seven simple ingredients, selected for their therapeutic properties. We love the entire range, so thoroughly recommend the Christmas Gift Set, so your loved one can try some of their signatures such as the Brit Beauty Oil and Steam Clean.




34.4 is a business with a big heart. In fact, it's heart is so big that it's actually registered as Community Interest Company. 34.4 make natural skincare with a focus on bees, their welfare and the benefits of honey and beeswax. All of their products are made with natural ingredients such as apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil and argan oil and of course, many of them are blended with honey or beeswax for their healing, protective and antiseptic properties.

We love their Beard Oil No 3, which can be used as beard oil, shaving oil, moisturiser and aftershave serum. Our other favourite is their signature Honey Balm, which is ideal for sensitive skin and can be used as a barrier cream, moisturiser, lip balm and even make-up remover!

 What are your favourite sustainable gifts to give at Christmas? We'd love to know!



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