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Meditation for Self-Love with Marta Wanderlust

    This month, we're focusing on love in all forms. We spoke to Marta Wanderlust about her journey to finding peace with her body and mind, and ultimately learning to love herself (interview coming soon!). The yoga teacher and wanderlust-enthusiast shared with us this beautiful meditation to help us all experience more self-love in our lives.


    • Find a quiet clean space, light an incense and burn a candle, creating a sacred container for your practice.
    • Get into a comfortable seat, whatever that means for your body. Allow the eyes to softly close, taking a deep inhale in, into the core of your Being, and as you exhale release all of the thoughts, worries, mind narratives and impressions from the day. It may be helpful to do this audibly, letting out a loud sigh, making as much noise as you need to empty out. 
    • And then begin to notice your breath, flowing in through the nostrils, down into the belly. Feel your diaphragm softly expand on each inhale, navel drawing towards the spine on the exhale. Allow the gentle rhythm of the breath to spread a sense of calm through the body, grounding you in your seat. 
    • Draw your attention to the heart space, the middle of your chest, and simply notice what’s present for you in this moment. The emotions resting in the heart, the breath coming and going. See if you can acknowledge what’s there, without going into a story or allowing it to overwhelm you. It may be helpful to silently notice, there is sadness, there is anxiety, there is joy, there is gratitude. Can you witness and let it go? 
    • Coming back to the soothing natural flow of your breath. As you inhale, visualise your heart space expanding with a white light - a light that brings in everything that you need for nourishment, support and care. Each in-breath draws the cosmic energy, allowing you to connect to the abundant resources of the Earth. Each exhale offers an opportunity to let go of that which stops you from living from the place of your highest potential, from the quiet wisdom of your heart. Stay with this flow, and notice your interconnectedness to all living beings - your breath connecting you to the entire planet - humans, animals, plants all sharing the oxygen. You are not alone. You belong. You have the right to be here. 
    • Silently say to yourself - 'may I be happy, may I be healthy, may I dwell in peace'. Notice what follows the words, what’s in the heart? Continue bathing it with the white light, bringing in a sense of healing, caring and soothing. Letting it wash over you, cleansing and creating more space. Quietly breathing in and breathing out, at peace with yourself and the world. 
    • When you feel complete, slowly come back with the full awareness to your seat, feel the points of your contact with the Earth. Place your palms at the heart and softly lower the head down. Bowing to life, and bowing to love. 


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