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Starseeds' Favourite Exercise Tools for 2018

We may all be yoga enthusiasts at Starseeds, but we understand that getting back to the gym or studio can be hard work after the Christmas break. Our bodies often feel sluggish, and we may have gotten out of the habit of exercising.

Whether you're just looking for equipment to support your fitness regime this year, you're needing something to help you get started with your new health intentions, or you really need a motivation boost to get you going, we think we've got something for you.

We've curated our favourite equipment that we love to use. These tools boost our work outs, challenge us, support us and help us achieve flexibility and flow in our routines - whether it's a yoga sequence or a sweaty gym session.

Bodyism Exercise Band

The Bodyism Exercise Band is affordable and effective. If you like bodyweight workouts, but you're needing something to super charge them, a resistance band could be the tool you need.  Wrap around your legs to create a more challenging work out!


Dharma Yoga Wheel

The Dharma Yoga Wheel is ideal whether you're a beginner to yoga or an expert. the Dharma Yoga Wheel allows you to deepen your stretches and helps you to enhance your balance. This eco yoga tool is also made from 100% recycled materials and can fit into any standard gym bag.


Manuka Eco Anti-Burst Fitness Ball

The Manuka Eco Anti-Burst Fitness Ball is ideal for the conscious consumer - made from non-ozone depleting materials and latex free. Exercise balls are wonderful for developing core strength as well as aiding recovering from injury.


Bodyism Foam Roller

The Bodyism Foam Roller is popular amongst our Starseeds' Ambassadors. This foam cylinder is designed to help remove knots, lactic acid and relieve tired and worked muscles. You can use this tool before or after a work out, to help you prepare for or recovery from exercise.



What are your favourite exercise tools? We'd love to hear your suggestions!


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