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How To Reuse Coffee Grounds

how to reuse coffee grounds


How You Can Reuse Coffee Grounds and Minimise Coffee Waste

It’s UK Coffee Week, and whilst Starseeds meetings are never complete without a round of complicated coffee orders, as a sustainability focused start up, coffee waste hasn’t gone unnoticed by us.

In the UK, we produce 500,000 tonnes of waste coffee grounds a year. Add that to the 2.5 billion take away coffee cups, and we’ve got ourselves a big environmental problem.

But we don’t want you to feel guilty every time you order your beloved caffeine kick, and so we’ve collated some of our favourite ways companies are reducing coffee waste and how you can get involved.


Coffee Scrubs

Starting simply, if you love to make your own coffee in the mornings, we’re sure you would have noticed the accumulation of coffee grounds in your waste bin. One easy and indulgent way of reusing your coffee grounds, is by making your own body or face scrub. In fact, Australian company Frank Body has made a multi-million dollar company from this DIY idea. Coffee grounds are a delicious way to exfoliate the skin, whilst caffeine is reported to firm – either way, your morning shower smells like coffee, which is always a beautiful way to wake up!

how to reuse coffee grounds


Coffee Fuel

Earlier this year we shared the news that Shell had partnered with Bio-bean, to power London’s buses on biofuel in an endeavor to reduce the city’s pollution problem. The incredible initiative also involves huge coffee chains like Nero and Costa, to reuse their coffee grounds and help fuel London’s transport system.

Bio-bean are also bringing coffee based fuel to households across the country, with their product Coffee Logs. These are an eco-friendly version of the traditional wood log used in stoves, fireplaces and outdoor burners. “Each carbon neutral Coffee Log is made from the grounds of 25 cups of coffee and contains about 20% more energy than wood – meaning it burns hotter and for longer than wood.” So if you’re lucky enough to have an open fire in your home, you can help reduce coffee waste and greenhouse gases by using Coffee Logs.

 how to reuse coffee grounds

Coffee Based Fabric

At Starseeds, we love our coffee so much that we’ve even creating a collection not only named after our favourite coffee beverages, but made out of old coffee grounds. We used two unloved products – coffee waste and recycled polyester to create a fabric that’s not only soft to touch, but naturally draws moisture away from the skin and eliminates odour. We also have another version of our coffee fabric, that’s woven with micro-crystals, to bring a cooling sensation to the skin. These two fabrics are a wonderfully innovative and stylish solution to power yoga, hot yoga, running and sweaty workout sessions.

Shop the Coffee Collection for both Men and Women.

how to reuse coffee grounds


Grow Your Own Mushrooms

You may have seen a rise in coffee based mushroom kits recently, they seem to be dotted in every gift shop in London – and there’s good reason for it. Mushrooms are notoriously hard to grow at home, but coffee grounds encourage growth. The brewing process of coffee kills off bacteria and competing fungus, to allow the mushrooms to begin growing without threat. Whilst this process is still not easy, it’s a fun and much more successful way of growing your own mushrooms. You can read more on how to do this here, or buy your own kit from Espresso Mushroom.

how to reuse coffee grounds


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