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Feel-good Christmas Gifts: Sustainable, Ethical and Wellbeing Gift Ideas


Whilst gift-giving is a treasured Christmas tradition, we'd love to make the process a bit more mindful, ethical and sustainable where possible! So this year we've pulled together a feel-good Christmas gift list; from ethical coffee, sustainable menswear to conscious wellbeing gifts.



If you’re looking to pamper someone this Christmas, but you’re worried about the chemical-laden products on most shelves these days, we suggest the wonderful BONDI WASH. Australian-born, BONDI-WASH make beautifully scented body and home products that have been designed just like a perfume, yet with all natural, toxin-free ingredients. Each scent begins with an Australian bush oil, and then is layered with sustainable botanicals from Australia and the rest of the world. You can choose from cleansing products for you, your home, your yoga mat and even your fluffy friend – but our favourites have to be the Body Wash and Body Lotion.



At STARSEEDS, we all have our own fitness routines, ranging from yoga, body weight exercises, trekking and swimming. But some of us take our fitness pretty seriously and even compete – and for those of us who don’t go quite that far, we still like to know we’re doing our best. That’s why we love the Moov wearable fitness coach. Moov has two versions, an ultra light-weight wearable band which tracks your performance and guides your workout, and a sweatband which monitors your heat rate and designs you a personal workout based on high-intensity training. Both devices track your performance in your smartphone – and you don’t even need to take your phone with you! This is a great gift for anyone who’s hoping to start a new fitness routine come January.


Lyme Terrace

There’s still huge room for growth in the sustainable fashion industry, but we think Lyme Terrace are at the forefront. These guys make eco-friendly look good with their minimal designs and organic and recycled fabrics. All of their pieces are ethically made in the UK or the USA, and their creation process is both transparent and traceable.

For a cosy Christmas gift that’s not going to end up at the back of the sock draw, we love their Grey Organic Cotton Texture Sweater teamed with their new Upcycled Cashmere Hats.



Yin Yoga Mats

It was love at first sight when we first stumbled across the incredibly designed Yin Yoga Mats. But of course, what's not to love? Yin Yoga Mats are quite possibly the most beautiful yoga mats we've ever seen, and let's be honest, we all want a nice looking yoga mat.

Inspired by world travel, these mats feature eye-catching designs that nod towards the rich culture and style of Marrakesh. But that's not where our love affair ends. The mats, designed by yogi Kirsty James, are made from sustainably sourced natural tree rubber - which is both biodegradable and recyclable - and are made without plastic, harsh chemicals and zero PVC. The company aims to raise awareness of human and environmental issues... We're pretty sure they're doing just that with their stunning eco-friendly yoga mats.


The Coffee Factory

One for the conscious coffee lovers, The Coffee Factory is a roastery and brew bar nestled in Devon, roasting some of the most ethically sourced beans around. We’re big fans not only because their coffee is great (we’re really into coffee in case you hadn’t heard), but because the team ensure that they always responsibly source their beans. This means that the entire process is traceable, and that they work with ethical importers and farms that pay their workers a fair living wage. If you’re looking for the perfect caffeinated gift, we think the Trio of Coffee Gift Set will make an coffee lover’s day (or morning).



Is it a yoga mat? Is it a massage seat? The Pranamat is a unique eco-friendly design that’s in a league of its own. The Pranamat is decorated with tiny little massage flowers that relax your muscles and release stored tension as you sit, sleep and work out. We love that this wellbeing product is not only ethically handmade, but is created with ecological HIPS plastic, natural cotton, linen and coconut fiber. It’s the perfect relief after a stressful day sitting at a laptop, or during a gentle and restorative yoga session.




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