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Aeroballet Dance Classes with Diana Eugeni Le Quesne

Diana Eugeni Le Quesne is the dancer who's changing our perceptions of the over 40 female body. Both an artist and dancer, Diana works to explore the capabilities of the human body through contemporary dance and to empower women to see the strength and intelligence of their bodies. She is the founder of Aeroballet.


Aeroballet is a dance form with barre-based exercises, strength training, stretching and recovery. Through simple, repetitive movements, the class challenges the body to engage the mind and memory. The sessions include a blend of cardio, yoga, expression and introspective self-investigation and scream-therapy, with guided instructions and curated music, in a heart-opening, body-strengthening release.
Designed for women, the 55 minutes class offers a full-body workout concentrating on: the hips, thighs, seat, abdominals and arms. The technique is low-impact, protecting the joints by avoiding any strong jumping. Small movement in fast repetitions shape body, giving results in a very short time. Each toning section of the workout is followed by stretching, in order to create long and lean muscles. The technique works to challenge gravity and lift our bodies up! The cardio section is an energising rhythmic workout, integrating ballet, jazz and aerobic dance moves into a fluid and continuous low impact session.
The class is a non-traditional approach to aerobics. A fun and flowing workout that is safe and effective for all fitness levels.
To find out more about the next class or Diana's work, visit her website.


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