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10 Plastic Free Snack Recipes for Plastic Free July

Plastic free July is upon us again and for those of you who are partaking in the challenge, we know it's easy to be caught out by a moment of hunger with only a Tesco nearby. So we've hunted the Internet for some of the most delicious snacks and treats, and have offered you suggestions and tips for turning these tasty recipes into the best plastic free snacks around. Enjoy!

Two Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Fudge

This protein packed chocolate fudge can easily be made plastic free if you have a refill store near you. Instead of a chocolate bar, buy loose dark chocolate buttons from a local refill store, opt for nut butter from a glass jar (or make your own) and if you choose to add maple syrup, make sure it comes in a glass bottle that can be reused or recycled.

Coconut Oil and Sea Salt Popcorn by Choosing Chia

This simple and healthy three ingredient popcorn can be made plastic free by ensuring the coconut oil comes from a glass jar and the salt and kernels are bought from a package free refill store!

Kale Crisps by Little Sunny Kitchen

This green snack recipe gives you a great excuse to get to the farmers market. Buy your kale there (remember to take your own shopping bag), swap the spray oil for olive oil in a glass container and get your salt, pepper and sumac from a refill store or in glass jars.

Life Changing Bread by My New Roots

Who doesn't love toast smothered in nut butter as an energising snack? This bread keeps for days and can be frozen in slices, ready to toast whenever you have a snack attack. Get all of your seeds and nuts from a refill store and make sure the other ingredients, like oil and maple syrup, come in glass containers that can be reused.

Vegan Salted Dark Chocolate Dates Stuffed With Almonds by This Vibrant World

These delicious date treats are the perfect cinema snack! What's even better is that you can get everything from a refill store - even the chocolate (most refill stores will do dark chocolate buttons). Remember that in London, selected Planet Organic, Wholefoods, As Nature Intended and now even some Waitrose stores, have refill options.

Vanilla Cardamom Cashew Butter by Broma Bakery

Homemade nut butters allow our imaginations to go wild, creating creamy and delicious combinations. This cashew butter would be perfect stuffed into dates! Yet another plastic free hero which can be made using ingredients in glass jars or from a refill store.

Almond, Date and Oatmeal Energy Balls by Cravings Journal

These decadent bites make another delicious cinema snack or treat for a movie night in, they're also great to have in your bag when you're busy about town and need an energy boost! We love them because they rely on the sugar from dates to sweeten them. Make them plastic free by buying your ingredients in glass jars and from a refill store if you have one near by.

Vegan Cherry Chocolate Almond Biscotti by Blissful Basil

This recipe is the ideal recipe to show friends that plastic free cooking doesn't have to be boring. Treat your loved ones to a rich coffee and these protein packed, healthier biscotti biscuits. Pick up your nuts from, fruit, chocolate and cacao nibs  from a refill store and make sure the remaining ingredients come in glass jars.

Crispy Baked Chickpeas by Minimalist Baker

These savoury baked chickpeas make a great protein filled snack with a satisfying crispy crunch! Make sure your chickpeas come in a glass jar, recyclable can or even better, are bought from the refill store. The remaining ingredients can all be bought in glass jars which you can recycle or reuse for leftovers.


Cosy Turmeric Cinnamon Elixir by This Rawsome Vegan Life

This delicious superfood recipe makes a healing and anti-inflammatory snack for anytime of the day. To make this one plastic free, you'll need to do a little more prep work by making your own plant-based milk such as this one or by buying your dairy milk locally in glass bottles. There's A LOT of good ingredients in this, but you can scale it back if you can't find all of them plastic free and make a simpler version.


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